Where do i shop ?

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I have long wanted to type this down somewhere, to serve as a “ah ha i was right” post or “i was an idiot” post to future dinesh.

This issue has been debated for a while, and what pushed me to do this now is my recent discovery of a certain party’s stance on this issue. And everywhere i read/watch/talk people talk about the same pro and cons and i felt that it was the same points over and over. Here is mine and i think it is different to what one might hear from mainstream media.

FDI in retail in india.

1)I do not believe that govt has the right to tell me how i spend my money, or where i shld shop. So i dont think govt shld have this authority to prevent companies from opening shops in india. If people strongly feel that walmart should not open stores here, they shld not shop there, then walmart will eventually wrap up its operations in india. We call our country a democratic country, however we want a totalitarian action on this ? Let markets, the true democracy determine if foreign companies should operate in india or not.

2)Lot of ppl tell me this will ruin the small shop owners, i find them hypocritical, when pepsi,coca cola came lot of local beverage business owners went out of business, we buy foreign cars,phones,laptops and favour them more than indian made products. Yet some how when this is sold in a walmart all hell breaks loose ? So these so called defenders of small shop owners are hypocrites to me. If they truly believe in swadeshi they shld stop using all foreign made goods or at-least advocate that position. Another group argues, foreign companies will take profit out of country, while this is true, how is it different from buying any foreign made product ?

3)Others tell me govt should protect our local businesses , i find this horrifying. If we all ppl decide to support local businesses it is one thing, but asking govt to do this is astounding. We want out local businesses to compete with the best in market. Competition improves the quality if service. Eg: If we had a kid, we would want him to compete with best students in the best school possible. we wont put him in a bad school where he is always the topper. Protecting any business will lead to shoddy service from them because of lack of competition. Out business should learn from foreign companies and compete with them and go outside india and increase our exports. Having a protectionist govt in favour of local business has always ended in a disaster. All we have to do is read up some history on what happened when govts acted like this. We shld learn from the mistakes we committed in the past.

4)The fear of monopoly.

Some say “one of the” companies will become a monopoly. From what we know from economic history, monopolies can only exit with govt intervention. In free market, there will always be competition. When govt legislates against certain products we have black market. Free market forces are too strong to force a monopoly. Even if monopolies exist for a while, it will only be a matter of time before that system will perish. Simply because monopoly will cause the company to slacker off because of lack of competition(hello microsoft) and new competition will pop out eventually. India with 1.4 billion ppl, is simply too large a market for monopolies. It will consolidate several small players and will reduce the number of retail chains but monopoly is just a fear tactic. I dont agree to Cho Ramasamy in lot of things, but i completely agree to this one quote from him “Even if big chains come, people who want their veggies from road side shop or from vendor in their door step will continue to buy from them”.

Now about the party that does now like FDI is sadly AAP. I was shocked by the comments from its leader. I dont think Arvind is ignorant , i think he knows well what he wants, and we should see the true intentions from what he is telling. Here goes

“The government is claiming that Walmart will build cold-storage units for the benefit of farmers, but can we believe their claims — the government itself failed to do so in the last 65 years so how can foreign companies do that in a few years. I don’t think that Walmart is coming to India for social work.”

1)”Government itself” – What makes Arvind think that govt is as efficient as Walmart ? It is well know that pvt companies are more efficient in getting things done compared to govt. Govt is made up of politicians who want to be re-elected and bureaucrats who want to have a cozy retirement , a pvt company is motivated by profit. They will do everything in the most efficient way to make the most money. If arvind is suggesting that govt is more efficient in delivering services than pvt companies, then his mask is off already. I am not going to tell he is just being ignorant. Anyone with understanding of govt bureaucracy will know how ineffective govt is in delivering services.

2)”benefit of farmers” – This seems to be a straight up lie(still looking for sources if govt did claim this). But from what i have read so far, govt did not say that. Walmart will build cold storages because it will benefit THEM. More products walmart sells to end consumer more is their profit. So it is in their best interest to increase the shelf life of a product. If walmart can keep a perishable good longer from going bad, they can ship it to different markets there by increasing their profits.

While lot of people in india believe they have found their saviour, i am still saddened by the fact that there is not one serious political alternative to the current establishment. What pains and shocks me the most is the complete lack of reading history in india. It was only 20 yrs ago we opened by our markets on the verge of bankruptcy due to licence raj, which Arvind seems to be advocating.


So the Genesis story ?

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Here are my new questions and take on the genesis story.

What we know :

A)Genesis 2 Verses 9,16,17

1)There were 2 trees a)Tree of knowledge of good and evil. b)Tree of Life.

2)God told man not to eat from the tree of knowledge. So Adam,Eve could have had the fruit from Tree of life.

3)We will “die” if we eat from the tree of knowledge.

B)Genesis 3 Verse 22

1)If we eat from tree of life we can “live” forever.

My confusion :

1)God never prevented adam from eating from the tree of life.

2)So why didn’t Adam eat from the tree of life before or after eating from the tree of knowledge ? Shouldn’t that have solved all the problems ?

3)God chased them from garden fearing that they might eat from the tree of life and live forever, and then sends his son jesus to die for our sins so that we can live forever ?

4)If man was allowed to eat from tree of life in the beginning then why suddenly change it ?

5)Cost of sin is death, if tree of life can give us eternal life(meaning it counters the effect of sin)  then why Jesus ?

My take :

Might sound too much for people, but this whole story sonds more like a “science experiment gone wrong” rather than a divine event.

Is the “serpent” really evil ?

A)What we know : Genesis 3 Verse 4,5,22

1)Serpent is saying we wont die.

2)We will become like gods knowing good from evil.

3)We did become like “gods” knowing good from evil(Verse 22).

My Confusion:

1)Why is the serpent treated as the bad guy ? He never deceived us, if Adam had eaten the fruit from tree of life. He would have been like gods.

2)Why is god so scared about a man knowing good and evil living forever ?

My take:

I find the reaction of “gods” very weird. It appears to be a knee jerk reaction.

One thing is for sure, the story taught to me in sunday class is utterly completely wrong. Because, either man was never meant to live forever(physically) and physical death was always part of god’s plan, or man and “gods” are super stupid in their planning and reactions.

Another stream of thought, what if “gods” were the bad people trying to enslave men and the serpent was the good one, who showed us the right way ?

Is this wrong ?

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This is probably going to be the most controversial post. The biggest news last week was Obama’s announcement on gay marriage. It reminded me of the question that i have long had, they called it a “right”. I personally dont have problem in living with a person of any sexual orientation. Hell i dont even care about sexual orientation of others except for my own. So i am defn not homophobic person. I know that i am heterosexual person and i have never felt threatened because of homosexuals around me. But here is my problem, let us ignore all the “religious” text from this, i dont see why the society dosent accept a man/women who wants to marry multiple partners ? Or a man/women who wants to marry/have relationship with a person who is under the “age of consent” .

I dont understand why they are wrong but not gay marriage. I am not saying we should ban gay marriages, but i fail to understand why a guy cannot marry a dog. Sometimes i feel that religions dont control what is good and bad in some cases. Maybe it is depends on how open the people in the society are. I have long asked many of my christian friends on why we cannot marry more that one wife, i have not seen one bible verse that points to this, i never get an answer to this. So society X adopts religion Y but absorbs only the “laws” that are compatible to itself. I found out that even Martin Luter said that he cant condem a man for polygamy as it is not outlawed in bible.

Did our forefathers come up with moral values and used religions to enforce these values on us ? And are we part of a cycle where the original moral message gets lost and a new civilization will enter after our destruction ? Sometimes i feel that moral values are unfair to some people, like how gays were treated badly because some religions people thought that it was against their religions, we are doing the same to people who want to be involved in polygamy or polyandry .

I saw few people comment that religious people should keep their values to themselves, but by telling a person not to marry more than one wife how different are these people ? I thought that human society was always based on set of laws and that has helped us become the dominating species in this planet. There has always been an rule giver , a judge and a subjects and our modern societies are not that different. I dont feel it is fair to draw a line anywhere at this moment, but if we dont then we will end up becoming a cannibalistic society. Rights exist in a society where there is true fairness, so if it is not fair to stop men from marrying multiple women then there is no such thing as rights. That shows we have to maintain this authoritative moral laws and law givers to survive as a society without any questions.

Unfair it might sound but life dosent owe us anything and it has no reason to be fair to us. We live in a society where a section determines what is right and wrong, is it fair, no it isnt. But what are you going to do about that ?

Babel yesterday and today.

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This is first of many posts i will post in the coming future. 🙂

I believe that it is possible that our ancestors mis interpreted aliens as gods. I also believe that what is written in our holy books are sometimes mis-interpreted.  I have seen several examples that point to this. I wanted to share one thing that came to my mind recently. We all know the story of babel from bible. I always used to wonder, why did god want man to spread out ? Dont we all know that when we humans are united we will accomplish more ? Here is my “theory”.

Bible Verse : “And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.”

1) Shinar is believed to be modern mesopotamia. So now our archaeological evidence and the writings match. Mankind spread to different parts of the world from Mesopotamia.

Bible Verse : “And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven;”

Note to self :  See if there are references to “heaven” before this.

2) What we have to understand is that by “heaven” they basically mean sky. I believe they might have seen aliens descending from the sky and they wanted to build a building that would take them to the sky, where the “gods” lived.

Bible Verse : “And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower,”

“Go to, let us go down,”

3)Why does bible and other book keep stressing the word “came down” or descended . Reasonable explanation is descent of a spaceship.

Bible Verse : “And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. ”

4)The “lord” seems to think that because all mankind is united they can do what ever they imagined to do. And or some reason he dosent like it. I really cant understand why a loving god will try to split up his own people. Only explanation that makes sense to me is that another species does not want us to grow to an extent that we will challenge them.

Bible Verse : “Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

5)And he confuses people and makes the scatter all over the world. Which is inline with what modern archaeologists believe. Man migrated out of the fertile crescent.

Here is the main part, i did not start off this thing from babel.   I was wondering why people were constructing tall structures which had to do with gods and reaching the sky. From pyramids in egypt to ones in south america to the temples we have in india. Why do people from different places want to do the same things. My theory is that our ancestors knew of the babel and went to different parts of world, and they tried to build their own version of babel over and over again.

Another interesting thing that i have to reason out is, how did the “gods” or aliens manage to create so many different languages ? If it was all part of an intelligent design, i would want to know how different languages would serve any purpose but to slow down our advancement. Will the aliens destroy us like previous generations cos of our rapid growth. Interesting this is that this rapid growth coincides with 2 languages (english , mandrin) being spoken by more than half of world’s population.

This is for people who want to know how one language will improve tech growth of a species.

By having one language people from different places can share ideas and will be able to learn from ideas left by people from other places. There by increasing the number of inventions/advancements he can make. And cos of rapid growth of information sharing these times, an average person now has more knowledge than the person few hundred years ago. Lot of unanswered questions 🙂

DMK !!!

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I am a staunch supporter of DMK, yes, you heard me right 🙂 And why am i a supported of DMK ?

The biggest topic in TN politics is corruption 🙂 let me make this clear. The last, least corrupt rule in TN, was when kamaraj was in power. All other govt after that have been corrupt. Who can forget the corruption that happend in 1991-1996 and 2001-2006 ADMK rule ? Or 1996-2001 and 2006-2011 DMK rule ? So lets take the corruption coin out of the equation 🙂 If you want to bring down a corrupt government, we should do so by electing a corruption free government not by electing a party that was corrupt in its past.

What do we have next ? Party ideology. These are things that matter the most to me as a staunch supporter of DK.

1)All men should be treated the same by birth. No one should be allowed to do something because he was born of “high caste”.

2)All people from all religious background should be FREE to practise their religion. Government should NEVER be influenced by religion.

3) Government do all that it can for the dev of the province and should not be held back by superstitions.

4) Government should have a clear policy on issues for which people want an answer.

All these are pretty reasonable things 🙂 I will explain how DMK scores higher than ADMK in all these  🙂

1)All Caste Become Priest Act – 2006 was passed by DMK 🙂 the name itself explains what it is all about. But who opposed such a law, that will empower all people 🙂 yes you are right 🙂 ADMK. Subramaniya swamy an ally of ADMK went to supreme court and got a Stay order on the law 🙂

2)ADMK passes anti conversion law and passes a law to give pension to hindu priests 🙂 (i say give pension to no one. and educate people so that they wont fall for stupid tricks of ppl. we need money to educate people not to give pension to priests of any religion.)

3)ADMK goes against Sethu project which will benefit whole of south india 🙂 Jaya went to the extent of arresting Vaiko who was lobbying fot the project under POTA act after a visit by the sri lankan president 🙂

4)ADMK had a very unclear stance on issues like LTTE – Sri Lankan problem. The party took a stance but all its allies and internal people openly contradicted the party stance. It looked as if the party realized that their actual stance is not a popular one. So they tried to play double games 🙂

In short ADMK is not only corrupt but is also against everything that early DK party stood for. I am no supporter of DMK but i would rather have a party that is true to its founding principles than a party which is equally corrupt but completely against its founding principles.

PS:MGR is not from TN 🙂

What was Jinna thinking ?

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This is going to irritate lot of people 🙂 but the intention of this post is not to make fun of a person it is for us to learn from our mistakes. Long back, when British could not manage their colonies they decided to give independence to them. India was one such colony. But this india is not the india we know now. The british india comprised of modern day india , pakistan and bangladesh.

Once people knew that we will get “freedom” from british administration , many people started asking for separate countries. From Jinna to Periyar. Everyone had their own “reason” for their request. Jinna wanted a country for muslims. I find that unbelievable for 2 reasons.

A) Was he expecting all muslims from all over the country to migrate to a particular place ? Was he expecting people who were already living there to accept these new migrants ?

B) We will talk more on this.

As of today Population of India is 1.2 Billion , Population of Pakistan is 174 Million and Population of Bangladesh is 160 Million.

If we add up all the population it comes to 1354 Million or 1.354 Billion. Now the demographics 🙂

Total number of hindus in all 3 countries = 838 Million

Total number of muslims in all 3 countries = 457 Million.

Total number of people following other religions in all 3 countries =  62 Milion

Total = 1.357 which is close to the total (approximation errors )

Hindus % = 61.75

Muslims % = 33.67

Others  %= 4.5

The so called “minorities” are 38% of the population 🙂 . All the muslims would have benefitted if we stayed with one india policy. But  we split british india to 3 countries 🙂 Now the current scenario Bangladesh with 148 Million muslims is forced to be an ally of india and 138 Million indian muslims live in india as minorities. It is only the 173 million muslims in pakistan who really got benefited from the partition. If they had stuck to one india policy, muslims would have had waaaay more power and say, in the countries politics 🙂 and asia would have been a much safer and pleaceful place for every one.

I am not going to say that Jinna was an idiot 🙂 but we need to understand that the partition was a mistake and considering point A) was Jinna even fighting for muslims or was he only concerned about muslims in the sindhi/punjab belt. I think, just like old times, religion was used during the partition of india, by few who wanted to have power. If i was a muslim living in india or bangladesh i will feel betrayed by wat happend.

Seriously !! What was Jinna thinking ? I guess we will never know.

Seperate blog

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Just created a new blog just for technical stuff. The url is dineshabraham.wordpress.com. Weird that no one has taken tat url yet in wordpress. I kno there is another “dineshabraham” who tweets and had a blogspot url with tat id.