Worst Nightmare

This weekend is one of te worst weekend i could ever get . Got up at seven thirty .
Missed my 7.50 bus by 3 minutes . Then got 8.10 bus . Man it was a forgettable journey.
reached coimbatore by 10 . Men my mom and went shoping . She wated to get some sarees .
u really need patience to go shopping with ladies . My gal would have looked coll in all these sarees
. Hmmmm . Then had a heavy lunch and had nice sleep . My dad came at 6 and again we went for shopping .
This time i was cheated by Louis philipe gy . I entered a half rate sale and ended by paying 3500
. Then took a bus (didnt have dinner) . It was overcroweded . And day was not over a guy vomited on my bag.
and bus got late and reached hostel by 9.35 . Then waited outside for half hour . then filled some letters .
. Thus my worst week end came to an end


~ by dineshabe on July 24, 2006.

One Response to “Worst Nightmare”

  1. Nightmare , guess thats part of our life in Karunya.. !

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