How can i explain today…………

Its another freaky day i had . seriously am trying to do some thing impossible (understanding life )Am sure tat my life s going some where but where . no much omprovements in any thing . everything is in a mess . was totally pissed when came to pc tonight .wont be sleeping 2night . till dawn atleast . gotta do some thing . when there is no one i always have my second wife (pc) . Today am gonna spend much of my time with her (pc) . its been long time . Gotta divert my thoughts to her . Wats happening . Nothing intrestin happening . where am i going . Will things change tomorrow atleast .Feels good when there is no one awake and ya in pc . Lots of things i realise every day . A piece of stuff from godzilla movie i always liked

Gal : Many People Change !!

Tat Guy : Some dont ……..

 Are changes good . I feel tat things shld go on like before . Listening to ome nice songs to divert from my thoughts . totally screwed . Wat te hel am i doing huh . feel like a bird in a cage . feel like am trapped .wish i had some one here . not feeling well too . cool how fast our life changes its course . how many twists a day . how many heart breaks . how many dreams . how many problems .    i litrally feel like am trapped in a ditch. Like a soul in hell . Wana write some poem . but cant do it . Gosh wat i learn technically today — nothing . wasting my time . ebby i am expecting ya comments . wat te heck are we doing .


~ by dineshabe on August 29, 2006.

2 Responses to “How can i explain today…………”

  1. it happens to me also , regret at the end of the day , it happens when we wasted time , try to remember this pattern that occurs .. and try to do something ( work | program | learn ) to avoid it ..

  2. hai mama.. periya programmera da nee..yenda ipdi peeter udraa..

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