Life is Wat ya want it to be…………………

Well ,

             I didnt blog yesterday all my fans wanted to know y i didnt blog . Well here i am . Life is taking some sharp curves . Am setting right with few people. The best thing tat happened today was tat johnny anna mailed me with all forms . Wonderful . And i was given a job to finish te crystal reports part of our EMT s/w . Boooooooooo . Wats tat i dunnno . Have to work in visual studio . I hate this kinda work . Bu am taking up this challenge . Have to submit my full code by sunday . Had a happy time with my ….

Life is a like a river it takes wild turns but will reach its destiny . I knows not where it started and knows not where it will go . But finds its path . Tensed will i be able to submit my code tomorrow . Well today was another happy day . Learnt a lot . Byeeee


~ by dineshabe on September 2, 2006.

One Response to “Life is Wat ya want it to be…………………”

  1. y being so philosophical always….. looks like u’ve lived some hundred years……

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