New Begniiiiii


Where Was i all these days . Well Can explain every thing . One week full of EMT. Thight schedule . Con was with me next to me always . One day had a pblm with pratheeba mam . She went off , Was tensed that day alone . Nothing much new this time .Didnt go fr the closing ceremony .Tats how my last EMT came to an end .Then one day all of a sudden i was rushed to HOD’s room . There he spoke abt te Symposium we r gonna  have . From tat day been working like a mad bull . Had to put all commities. To mak things worser te coll has changed the whole procedure of getting stuf . have to get some six signatures for everything . then Jason came from his longggg leave . Now having lots of problems with symp. all these days con has been very good . Had some pblms . but good . well shld start blogging reguarly . con also started a new thig 2day .and my bro got immigration and work permit . colll . mummy will be going Charles will do his pro in HCL , ebby in some linux . So me and allan in a company called MegaSoft in chennai . Will have my bike to chill off there . Con am waiting fr those good days .

over_worked_donners_sxc_adj1.jpg  My state these days……..


~ by dineshabe on September 30, 2006.

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