Paradise Lost


                This is Dinesh reproting from concentration camp 1 .

                Time 2am .

               Mission study j2ee

                Time Left  : -2hours

                 Recent News : Finally the camp has come up with new idea , all coll doors locked till camp gets over . Sounds really cool 😦 am i crazy ??? . Got up veryyyy late today . Not a very good start for me  Till evening . first time am watching heck a lot of movies . ten in three days . Day ended well with con . Well am defn expecting a bad week . Surely . and about the symp . Need to order for stationaries and back drop . No entries so far . Will we have one this time .  😦  Am waiting to leave his camp . Gonna post my firstpoem in todays blog . Not feeling sleepy . bye fr now .

From Concentration camp 1

T.Dinesh Abraham

FIRST CRY(My first Poem )  

Decisions taken every night melting at the rise of sun in your smile

            I can’t help falling in love with you

Like a tide when your lips part tats the sun rise for me

Pain inflicted on me none responsible will die one day but

 I can’t help falling in love with you

I will remember to remember your smiles, your breath my life breath

Ready to wait eternity for a glance from you

Holding my life one more time to make u understand i love u

Just to tell welcome to my heart and when will u open up your heart because?

 I can’t help falling in love with you

Grown in heat of the desert searching for oasis saw u, hoping not for a mirage

Are you tired of my failures, my ways? You gave me mountain of hope to live

Taking blows in my heart giving none to you.


Please don’t treat me like a fool I did all because

 I can’t help falling in love with you

Laughs of many, anger of many I resisted so tat u get none in days to come

You have knocked me down, stepped on my face, hit me hard yet I will rise just to tell

                         I can’t help falling in love with you

 DEPARTED(Second One)

Like a fish out of water,

Like a lost soul searching for life , Groaning for eternity

Like the stars we are apart never to come close

Like a wave coming close yet far away from you

Yet I will never fail to comeWill migrate to corners of the world in search of you

Where have you gone my love? Cant rest here

Seems like losing my life breathWaiting for the day break

Hoping that even for the darkest of night there has to be a sunrise

Hoping this tunnel is to understand the beauty of light

Will wait like a body to get submerged in your love

To get dissolved, my final resting place, to be buried in you

Will rest there till you push me outThe peace you will give might not last for eternity

But that’s what I long for


What have I got in this world to be cherished?

To be remembered, to wonder about

What have I got to sit and dream?All in vain all forgotten at sunset

My hearts desires thrashed and crumpled

With thoughts of cruelty in my mind

Trying to figure out his plans

Trying to understand his message

His thoughts, feelings and painFailing for eternity, like a flower blooming

His plans unfolds, Beautiful atlasNot for me, but the calm assurance

The pride of being a childOne day will realize that every

Day should be cherished, wondered.My fulfilled dreams remembered by him

Working day & night not me for my dreamsWaiting for the day when I will seeH

im  just to thank him for all the things

Which I could cherishAnd  for giving  a meaning to my life


~ by dineshabe on October 2, 2006.

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