So much for a word………………


       On 10/12/06 called up a senior person in tat company . Asked all my doubts . Was not satisfied with the answer . But he told me a new word . ” Sir you are making a plugin ” . I forgot this went to company . Sat with my guide and i forgot to tell this word to him . Only at very last i remembered . He was stunned and told me its a very toughjob . So i started working on fast have to complete the first module i.e a system independent of database . Then wwill hav to do next module which is very very tough . No hope . Hmmmm. Have to learn a lot . Have to finish crude part of first module on 22 . Will be back from christmas by 26 . Gotta test it . Heck a lot of work . Guess wat in two days time i have to make an existing apllication db independent .Know the concept . Every line of code i write my guide tell me be more professional . So learning every line . He tells me one thing  always . ” Make it as generic as possible ” .  Any ways am enjoying this work . Today tweeked with deployment descriptor . Not alone my cousin helped me . And i started a servlet as soon as a server is started . My guide told me to have a ServletContext but am gonna try with RequestContext . It is slow but can have multiple users . Today will try to establish a connection . Start coding the (*helper )  java class .

                                                                                                                     Bye for now  


~ by dineshabe on December 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “So much for a word………………”

  1. saw ur blog only after i wrote that comment…. my apologies…. 🙂

  2. accepted

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