Tweeks in Apache


              Life is turning out to be very busy . No tv for three days . Started configuring mys server . Made lots of mistakes . Got lot of help frm my bro. Curently am working on deployment descriptor . Am kinda trying to configure my server so tat my jsp’s can call any java method. AM alsoo trying to start a server automaticall .Am not doing things in right way i mean there is definitly a better way . But now all am woried about is wethere i will be able to complete every thing . Aftet tat i will change all places where i compromised on performance . Am working on the helper class . Havent started the servlet . Know nothing about resposecontext . Hmmm will be going home to day will return on 26th . Have to work on these days also . SO cant enjoy much. Any ways no bike in my house over there so no point in talking abt enjoyment .Went to bangaalore some timem back . Got opputunity to talk with managers of WIPRO . LEarnt how thing go on in wipro (not tech) . Pretty complicated . Forgot to buy dresses for christmas . Remembered yesterday went and got some . Literally no time . AM running from one place to another  . Am enjoying this work . One thing am happy about is till now have not copied a peice of code . Am satisfied with tat . I got help on design and on approach .


~ by dineshabe on December 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “Tweeks in Apache”

  1. I still havent done my christmas shopping 😦

  2. awww me too

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