A raunchy Christmas


        Started on twenty second night .Didnt sleep cos my cabin was full of irritating rats . Was reading a novel in faint lights . This christmas i had lots of food ( I mean it u will know when u finish reading this). Thought i shld give a brief note of wat all i had(This is specially fr ebby who is in bangalore for christmas).Happy christmas ebbs.

 23    Morning——-> Chickn curry , poori 

         Aftrnoon ——->Some vegetarian stuff with muttons cutlets

         Dinner———->Mutton Curry , Idly

24 Morning—–>Mutton and chicken curry with idly

     Afternoon—>Mutoon Biriyani (Same for dinner)

25Morning ——> Chicken Pepper Roast , Idly

    Afternoon ——> Chicken fry With Some veggies

   Snack———> Full Grilled chicken (nearly 900 gms fr me and my cousin), 500ml strwberry ice cream.

     Night ———-> Same as lunch with some cutlets .

Oh i forgot to mention cakes , sweets,pizza’s and lots more . Every thing just went in a flash of second  .So tats te end of my christmas fest . My ma did make me fat in two days gosh . Went shopping again . Love tis bargaining stuff .Went to richie street . Met mike and also tresa,carunya. Finished reading Standly Gardner’s  ‘The case of the Deadly Toy’ its another of perry masons story was very small finished in three days  started another one REX STOUT’s  ” Where there is a will”.   Gotta program full night today . Bye


~ by dineshabe on December 27, 2006.

6 Responses to “A raunchy Christmas”

  1. Read ..? when did you start to read.?
    well i was with allan 4 xmas . Kinda had lotz too . Good to know you having fun . Wer you get the books to read . Hey do you have the book “Death of the guru” . Find it for me . You said you had it once . 🙂

  2. Dinesh abe is actually reading ! Who inspired you..!!!
    Thanks dude for the food info . I eat good xpensive food but very less in quantity here . 🙂 .

  3. Isn’t Skinny helping you code . ? Bad !!!!
    So you able to complete your module . Are you in chennai for new year .?

  4. hey dinne….Happy new year da…….Have a nice time….. 🙂

  5. Man shall not live by bread alone……

  6. i guess its u chitpa(uncle)……………………….

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