Java Files done ………….

Heya ,                              

             Its two am . HAve to sleep early to tat i can attend church tomorrow. Finished all java files have some more migration left in updation part . But tat code is bug free . Feeling sleepy . So am not gonna take risk by postpni writing my blog . Any time might sleep dead tired . Today alone fixed lots and lots of huge bugs . My second level segregation is complete now . Tomorrow will start with property files . After tat on 1st will start fixing all small small bugs . Heck lot of work ahead . Most of the bugs i solved today was dumb . Pblm is the amount of data am working with . 70-80 variables in one page . WOH . For eg the last bug i solved is tat updation one . My logic goes like this 1)show user all info 2)allow him to change 3)compare submitted info with database 4)change only the fields where there are changes . My db ws not updating . Was Scraching my head . Eureka found te pblm instead of inserting the new value i was inserting same old values . Reason for this dumb:( 😦 mistake is , i have named variables like this  String name,nameD; (variable with ‘D’ means frm database ) . Many many minute errors from entrangeled ArrayLists to slow server updation . finally at two five finished all basic bugs . i mean most evident ones . Also finished a famous five book (Five on Kirring ……. ) . Lost te other book ‘where there is a will’ . Dunoo where i kept tat . Its a kinda civil case which turns out to be a criminal one . Determined to finish atleast 10 books before coming to coll . Now going on with my fourth .  Nero Wolfe Murder By the Book By Rex Stout .Its a smmall one dunoo wether will have time . GUess wat i am gonna have my confermation . I know its pretty late . Its on seventh of jan . Shld have attended 30 classes . Will be attending one or two only . ALl my batch mates are prob 8th or 9th standard . Embarassing . For that i have to study two huge prayers in tamil . Tat too i hav to memorise it boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I tried explaining my parents i could may be tell tat in my own words . I hate this mem stuff . Any ways aftre 7th i can attend communion and am a full member of CSI. Dad is very serious cos if i dont get this done i cant get married in CSI church . Ahem. Hello dad i got a little secret ….. 🙂 . Got my self a new pendrive 1 GB 750Rs good bargain i guess . Got a new watch as gift , a new dallas leather purse from bro in us . got another purse as gift . have the update code ready have to migrate and test feeling sleepy . Will do some thing to stop me frm dozing off in fron of pc . And am gonna ddo tis migration work later . Today was wonderful day was able to solve all my bugs which i  tried  for one week .Ebby try to work in apache server chum do some thing it will realy kill ur patience . U will finish debugging a code but u will get o/p of some older version of code stored in some stupid cache . SO u will never know which code is executg . Any way got some tips of how to tweek with te cache from my brother . So tat improved my speed . Pblm in this is ebbs it looks very simple . But it takes te best of u to finish it proprerly . Tats it for a wonderful day . Hope tomorrow will also the same…


~ by dineshabe on December 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “Java Files done ………….”

  1. ok.. so 1 more reader…n u better memorize those 2 prayers pretty well…. the bishop might ask u n if u din say….. u may flunk… 🙂

  2. aiyo , u mean flunkkkkkkkkk . did they ask u ?? please reply ya making me …………?

  3. wel.. i’m serious abt the asking part…. but not abt the flunkin part…… u don want to stumble if he asks u.. do u??? so better learn it prop.

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