Project So far……..

First i was asked to create an application for student registration and management system . I did that with jsp . Then i ws told to move all my java code to a java file . And just call the methods from the jsp file . Then my next step is to create a property file in whichi will be having all the generalised queries . My java file shld refer to these . Last i shld create a RequestContext in a servelet which would maintain n database connections for n nodes. I am about to finish second part . Generalizing is more of thinking than coding . SO have to finish all these in two days time tats tomorrow. Then will need two more days to add a few stuffs to the application . Have to fix few minor bugs . Real pblm in this is the unreliable behavoiur of the server . If it performs well i can easily finish everything .



~ by dineshabe on December 30, 2006.

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