On verge of completion


          Finally Am gonna complete my first module (i.e a system tat can run on any database ) gonna implement in MsAccess , Oracle , SqlServer , Postgre , MySql , DB2. Have downloaded a few of em . Got first 5 . Dunoo how to get DB2 its pretty big . Just now finished two small modules . Have update left . Will be finishing it . Gotta study few SQL commands tat vary in all these databases . New pblm with my searcher page . Downloaded Apache5.5 and JDK1.6 two latest one . JDK1.6 is really cool lots of cool API’s added to it . Am finally feeling happy abt my project . PRetty confident tooo . But my confermation god didnt study yet . Probly shd study today . Finished my next book my 6th int 8days . Lts of work remaining . Guess wat 2 of my class mates are getting married . Cant believe . I have decided if i join wipro am definitly goging to enterprise side . Sorry ebby i beleive am better off here than system S/w . Nothing much fr now .

P.S :- Vineha i know u will write a comment for this …….  🙂


~ by dineshabe on January 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “On verge of completion”

  1. why??? what is there to comment about??? i really dint get it??

  2. 2 of r classmates gettin married???? i no one.. whose the other?????

  3. hey colleague! who’s the other lucky guy/girl?? i know one… but the other??? come on..don’t leave us in suspense!

  4. oh is that what u expected me to ask??????

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