Status at 12:00 Pm 4/1/06

1) Pblm in Java Script in entry Page(Easy one will do on 7th)

2) Have to add a conditon to all pages(Easy one too so on 9th)

3)Have to correct a Script pblm in search multiple page, also reorganise data there(5 min work on 9)

4)Update is not working my latest worry . ( (big pblm)(SOLVED)

5)In all pages date gets scrambled .  ( (big pblm)(yet to solved)

6) Have to instantiate RequestContext . (Dunno a word in this)

7)Have to dowlnload all required db s/f (ALMOST DONE)

8)Have to find sub string searching thing(TODAY)

9)Design the final System(DONE)

10)Develop a flow for the final system.(DONE 80%)

11)Document it (Write up for college first review)(ALLAN WILL DO 🙂 has to wat ya say ebby)


~ by dineshabe on January 3, 2007.

One Response to “Status at 12:00 Pm 4/1/06”

  1. what happened? no updates??

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