Am Back

Heya ,

          Finally am back to chennai , Had a very tight schedule . Went to tanjore . Had just few minutes of rest before going for my first class also my last . They taught me how to take communion and all . All others were schools kids . Went back home slept till evening . Went to browsing centser to finish little of my project . Came back and had worst night of my life . NExt day mornig was in full tension reason didnt learn any memory thintg properly . Was taking biggest risk of my life . ha ha . I was given a book tat had all prayes tat we need . It was given ny church people . We were made to sit in front of congregation . I was sitting last . There was one old lady sitting back of me . We were told to go back and come inside along with te choir . Wehni came back to my horror te book was missing from my seat . I kept my book and bible . But i could see only my bible there . All kneeled down i didnt get tensed i aslo kneeled down whan all started praying some memory prayer . I started to say my own prayer (Bishop was not near me so saved !!!).I didint tell any thing bad . But it was my own prayer basically in tanglish . I turned back slightly and saw tat old lady behind me having a similar book . I was very angry thinking tat old lady took my book . I was telling within my self “tat book was kept for people like me how can u take it from me (especially me cos i didnt know when to get up andto sit down ) .” I turned back and asked tat lady for book with great sence of achievement i said all prayers from book . When i was told to sit i took bible from my seat so tat i can sit . My god i found my book . I gave tat one to tat lady she was like use it its ok . I gave it to her telling i have another . Other things went on well . I was in f0r te biggest suprise . Let me break it at last . This lady was instructing me do this tat . I thought she may be some distant relative who knows me . At last they kept some function for bishop . He was sitting . Another lady behind me asked this old lady ” are u going ?” . To my horror she went and sat next to bishop . My god was i playing with bishop’s wife . I laughed within my self . Hoping tat she didnt hear my prayer . Communion went on well . They had a nice tradition . Both my parents shld be on either side of me when i take communion . I got a bible a membership card , bag , Many of my relatives gave me money (hope i can have this another timne also) some books , (all tamil ones dunno wat to do) . Tats how day ended . Finally i packed my things came to channai on 8th morning. Finished almost everything and went to company . As usual he made me change every thing . Packed and went to station to get train . Met carunya,priya,tresa,and faith in train they were also in the same coach . Then went to coll slept well started working . Fell sick cos it was too much of travelling . Karunya’s Fire wall is blocking every thing . First nightn they blocked all blogs . Had yto use proxies . All forums were blocked . Was irritated to core /. COmplained to sir . I couln not blog for 2 days . My review was ok . I was satisfied with te way i presented but was not sure of my reviewers . My travelling started very well in bus . I wokr up this mornigh at 8 thinking my stop has come . Only then realised am in villupuram . started at  10pm cbe reached 11am (13 hours ) . Got irritated to core . Didnt do any thing aother than sleeping . Gotta search some stuff tat i need to start my second project . Need to develop a secured file sharing application . Pretty challenging cos they want it really secured . Tats it ……………………………….


~ by dineshabe on January 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Am Back”

  1. that old lady was my old patient in trichy mission hospital.!!!

  2. oh great !

  3. congrats on becomin a member of the church. 🙂

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