Days in vain


             Wasted five days . Watched tv , slept ,  ate . Didnt do any work all these days . Ate lots of sugar cane . I really loved em all . Just today started working finally succeded in creating a connection automatically . Now my application will create a connection to database and any function can use tat . After setting up every thing faced a serious pblm  . All i need is a java class . But dunoo how to share data from a servlet . My connection object is in ServletContext need tat in my ordinary java class. How ?? This is a really serious pblm . Dunoo y i didnt think of it in the beginnig itself . Gotta find a way to get reference to the connection object . Its llike two different places . I cant make my java class to a servlet as i cant have a doGet or doPost. Ah got a way to solve this . Hmmm actually closed all my windows before started blogging . Got an idea so going back to my project will return after i finish…….. (to be continued)  


~ by dineshabe on January 16, 2007.

One Response to “Days in vain”

  1. Sugarcane ..? mmm . last time , you and i went together to the shop and got it . And ate it . Remember .?? I gave you the bigger piece . You with love and affection dind’t return it back , but gulped it up . This time i walked the same lane , same shop , same time of the year, but ate alone , jus reached out to give it to you , it fell , with none to catch , and became as dead it was, before i took it .

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