Day I waited for

This is day i was waiting for a long time . Today wipro announced its 3rd quarter results .

Been waiting form morning finally Azim realeased .

The highlights of the results are:

  • Wipro Limited Revenue increased by 45% Year on Year (YoY) to Rs. 39.79 billion (Rs. 3,979 Crores)
  • Profit After Tax (PAT) grew by 41% YoY to Rs. 7.65 billion (Rs. 765 Crores)
  • Global IT Services & Products Revenue was Rs. 28.76 billion (Rs. 2,876 Crores), a 35% increase YoY
  • Global IT Services & Products Profit before Interest and Tax (PBIT) was Rs. 6.96 billion (Rs. 696 Crores) and grew by 32% YoY; Operating Margin was at 24.2%
  • Global IT Services & Products added 37 new clients in the quarter
  • Wipro’s India, Middle East & Asia Pac business recorded 56% growth in PBIT YoY. Revenue grew 76% YoY .

Check out the audio  at :-



~ by dineshabe on January 17, 2007.

9 Responses to “Day I waited for”

  1. and????

  2. SO?????

  3. wat u gals never follw ur company’s financial stuff huh .

  4. DUH!!!!! NO.

  5. duh NOO!!!

  6. cool dinesh , ur blog looks great now , except for one or two rude and less appreciative comments

  7. u mean the blog looks nice with the comments??

  8. Really?? and what does that mean in human terms????? Man u are jobless…..

  9. when did i tell like tat?

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