Enjoyin chennai


           Today was pretty ok . This is the first day my company guy gave a negative reply when i called up . My bike crossed 1300 km in chennai . Got 43 cool movies for 150rs ( great) . Finished my file sharing program finally . Been trying for longggg time . But the data rate is very low . Have to try by increasing the buffer size . Am waiting to go to coll and try in systems of different subnets . If this file sharing program works in coll many people can use this. Am trying to merge my file searcher program with this . So tat any one can get connected to the server then search and download any movie from server . Ebby comment on this idea . Making allan’s system a file server . All peple getting connected to his system and can get their movie of their choice all time. not focussing on GUI part . Hate it . When i tested the program the rate was too slow . Then got an idea to increase te buffer . Dunno weather it will solve the speed problem . (Guys comment on this please) Want to know weather buffer space directly affects the data transfer speed  . Confused on tat . If tat works and if i can break through our coll’s subnet thing . bingo . Dunno weather they have touched this protocol  .Ebby remember this is wat i always dreamed from 3rd year . My project is getting very tough . Now am focussing on code migration . Its basically inserting into one data base . But te company guy wants it in one ‘PROFESSIONAL’ way so my code was thrown to thrash . Its very confusing , am constructing a query by calling this tat methods . God it was easier in coll . My guide in company always uses this word . ” Make this code bit more flexible and generic “. Herd this every \day . Last time when i went to the company another frien of my giude was very impressed with my code he asked for a copy of it . Felt happy inside . Chennai has been prety cool allthese days . Exept for the two minor accidents i had in bike .  Enjoyed driving bike a lot . Had lots of fun . Missed ebby sometimes . About the pblm i faced yesterday . I got a solution but am very sure compoany guy will tell this is not professional way . So not touching main code . Will try to maike few changes . Yeasterday night saw a remix song in pogo . It was familiar song . Went to net and searched it . Its one of my favorite song so downloaded te song . By QUEEN name is “we are the champions”. Listend to tat song lots of time today . Will try to attach it to this blog . Dunno weather i can Bye fr today………………………


~ by dineshabe on January 17, 2007.

13 Responses to “Enjoyin chennai”

  1. SO?????????

  2. wats this

  3. think angel is too sleepy eh???

  4. sorry.. that comment was for your recent blog….

  5. Wat so Come on financial report of ur company is very important .

  6. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  7. if u say so……

  8. ok.ok….

  9. Hey file server.?? Am not sure . Very iggie about that stuff . mm good finally u got it . Mail me the code (with docs & comments). I can sure hack on it , and if i have time , give back to you .

  10. its java da k . got te pblm its the buffer size i experimented with 10byte buffer size tats too low .


  12. is it me or r u really ignoring my comments?? how rude!!!!!

  13. who is ignoring who . cant understand a thing tats happening !!

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