A sad end to my creation :( :(

Well yesterday my company guide told me to do a parser tat can parse a file from the mirror servers . I worked really hard at 3am in the morning i almost completed my parser . Had only few more lines to code . Woke up late and started coding againg . Finished 80% of parser . Went to company and showed my parser happily . As usual my guide changed te whole grammer of my parser . So i had to create a new parser now . So my poor little parser is now in recycle bin . Have to do a new parser . Felt very bad today . A sample of file tat i shld parse


Have to finish my parser . Dunno wat he is gonna say for my new one also . One happy news is tat i got free tickets for INDIA vs WEST INDIES match in chennai . Hope will get a glimpse of my hero . Also hope india loses and lara scores a ton (pple who dont know this note am a die hard west indian fan . And hate indian cricket team . ). Wanna some how see lara bat . Got a 1500rs ticket for free . Ha ha god is really good . Wont publish who gave me this ticket , as am not ready to compete with any one . Tats one week from today . Have lots of time left for tat . havent started coding . Wont be finishing before 3. Pblm is i will do somne code and give , my guide will tell me to break it inot some 5 fns . Ahwwwww . SO when ever he starts talking in the company i will get scared thinking “now wat” . Got new head phones cool ones . Really shopping  properly in richie street . Have to get few more dvd’s . Just now i realised tat my project time is almost over have to do this parser . One scheduler . one file copier . HAve a tight week ahead . Nothing much for now .


~ by dineshabe on January 19, 2007.

23 Responses to “A sad end to my creation :( :(”

  1. traitor… traitor…. may your west indies team lose…

  2. how faithless, unfaithful, false, disloyal, traitorous, treacherous, perfidious can u get!!! ppl like u should be buried 6 feet under, alive and make sure u are not let out……

  3. ha ha . been like this from 3rd standard . Actually i feel so happy when india loses . even if windies lose i would love every moment lara spends in ground . the way he bisects gaps . wah . ebby come defend me . hey viniand andel guess wat ebby is also like me

  4. forget ebby… this is your blog and i am gonna complain to wordpress… to trash this blog….. it comes under the “bogus” category……

  5. both of u deserve to be kicked out of this land…. i agree lara is a great player.. but u don’t have to want india to lose for that.

  6. boooooooooooooooooooooo to indian cricket team . Not to india only to cricket team .

  7. exactly!! i mean… somethin called “patriotism”???….. hello… are u human??? India is goin to the dogs becoz of ppl like u!!! ashamed of u!!

  8. wen u r part of somethin u have to learn to like evrythin abt it…

  9. ppl like u will make good terrorists…. destroyin ur own land!!!!

  10. ppl like u an ebby

  11. i hate indian cricket team . not india ok . Supporting a sport team is not patriotism ok .

  12. its a form of patriotism which binds indians together… and u r choosin to be alien to this simple form of patriotism!

  13. indians are over hyped players nothing more nothing less

  14. i did not expect this from u… u let r class down

  15. dinesh.. never expected this from u. u let me down… u r lettin your class down….

  16. “over hyped”???? just becoz they r going thru a rough patch doesnt mean u just leave them alone in this big bad world! Support them!!! uphold them!!! Have faith in them!!!

  17. Amen to that vini

  18. btw, pls include a recent comments sidebar widget… makes it easier for navigation

  19. heeeeeeeeeeeey …. im curious .. wher’d u get it from ?!?!!!!

  20. so many readers 🙂 🙂

  21. Dude am here .. kick those people , come on mann don’t be so mean hide me in ur pockets and take me .. I am sure wanna see our contry loose .
    Go Lara Go

  22. Have faith ..??? vini r u crazy ..
    All of the stadium is a stage
    And all of em r players
    all their entrance and exits
    Are controlled with money

    And with money is the whole thing played
    and in the end
    when people cheer , when people cry,
    Its the rich that wins , the one with money ,
    for truly its a game only for them

    am sick of match fixing

  23. great ebby . Just wat i thought ? COOL .

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