My longg lazzzzyyy days


      For past two days i havent worked a bit . Feeling very lazy . Parser is half way through . Last year sam time we were doing same parser progs in Compiler lab .Tat was one lab tat i really enjoyed . It was challenging also Unix lab . I loved unix labs especially the C programs . Gotta go and get few more DVD’s tomorrow . Its cool 8 movies for thirty rs . Nice print also . My parents came to chennai they are leaving tomorrow . As usual had lots of arguments on wat to wear . Ahh . Wat ever i wear they tell ” u look like post man ” or ” u look like a servant ” . I would reply back am not going for my marriage . Then mummy will put up a sad face . So will change . Today completly lost my temper . First for this dress stuff . Next is horrible . My dad and mom left me in one of my relatives place and didnt return back . I wanted to gulp something but they didnt come after they came i poured out . Then ate like any thing . Earlier today one 10th standard ICSE guy my relative wanted me to teach him JAVA . So my whole day went off in it .  Very sleepy will finish my parser very determined today . Was very depressed at state of cricket . After lara retires am going to F1 . Kimi will be driving for Ferrari this yr . Wanted him to stay with mercedes . My fav two . Am in a dialema weather to support Ferrari os Maclaren . I love kimi and MErcedes . Today i heard a funny thing In Amsterdam in some sex district they are gonna erect a statue for all sex workers . Where is this world going . Lots to talk . HAve added a new category Cricket so will be updating my views . COs lot of my fans wanna discuss cricket . So hope this will give me an oppurtunity to enlighten their life  🙂  :).


~ by dineshabe on January 21, 2007.

One Response to “My longg lazzzzyyy days”

  1. Hey dude…ppl kno dat amsterdam is the sex capital of europe….I heard like u can hire sex workers in every street…erectin statue for dem doesnt sounds big coz the country earns money frm tourism(ppl visitin amsterdam for sex) for dat reason….
    Dinne go n get last weeks edition of “The Week” magazine….it covers “Burgeoning Indian sex industry”….I was stunned readin dat….den u wil tell wher India is goin 😉

    Hey onethin kimi for ferrari was a good replacement for Schumi!!! but i dont think he wil match te likes of Alonso of Mclaren…Alonso wil be rockin dis season too 🙂

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