Gone are days of Cricket!


           Today i saw a very predictable match . Dunno how i am doing but from 11th standard i almost predict results propery for all india matches . Yeah Its all one big fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Gone are the days of good cricket- when people could not chase 260 runs . The sight of rolling stumps is a rare sight now . Teams score 300+ so often . All pitches are pumped with runs . Those days , am talking about early ninties , bowlers were considered very important . Now the are mere puppets wat ever they do the ball is gonna crash over lines . Till 1996 world cup every thing was ok . Tat year cricket was commecialised to the maximum in WILLS world cup in INDIA . From then till now i rarely see cool matches . Matches where bowlers also have a hope. Yesterdays match was utter crap (even if WI had won) . Bowlers did their best . There was no pblm with them cos both teams scored well . Ebby u know wat am trying to saw . Its a big concept tat i have always used to decide the result of thematch .


~ by dineshabe on January 21, 2007.

7 Responses to “Gone are days of Cricket!”

  1. at last…. justice has been done…The deserving team won….ha ha.. losers u n that eby.

  2. Well said dude….Nowadays cric has been batsmen’s game….Moreover in sub continent we hav only flat tracks just suited for battin….it can be changed,only if we hav lively pitches as in aussie n south africa….

  3. angel, he who laffs last , laffs longest

  4. dont worry angel… WE will be the ones to laugh now, last and longest… mwahahaha!

  5. Way to go vini….

  6. I just see a couple of losers here

  7. And I just see a shy weirdo who has to take the help of a psuedo name to express himself/herself!!!

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