Tough Day


          Had a pretty tough day with my project . Got inspired by ebby’s blog and started to clean my code also . All of sudden my project stopped working . So compiled all programs and ran again. Every thing worked other than insertion . Did foolish mistakes . More than dozen times told within myself tat am an idiot . Took me a long time to do finish this one . Got  a cool login to finish off my file generator .but it Didnt work . So copied all code and migrated to java . Started debugging . It went on on on and on . Time is 5:15 in the morning . People have started to clean their houses here . My aunty will get up in ten minutes . Atlast my program worked . Am yet to copy this to my project .

Main differences in File manupilation b/w C and Java . In Java there are many ways to do file manuplation . In see(am sleepy its C) there is one standard , strong method . I need to apped to a file with every entry in a new line .This can be easliy done in C with ‘a’ or ‘a+’ . But here my file is appending properly . But my poor BufferedWriter does not have a newLine method . And i tried another FileWriter which had newLine but no appending . So stuck up with tat . Know its not tat tought to solve . Gotta sleep eyes r paining. By tomorrow a crude part of my project will be complete . Thanks ebby for tat inspiration my code looks lot cleaner . Earlier got wierd pblms with resultset cos i was  not freeing te memory properly . Now its all cleared . Today i understood the need for a naming convention . Sufferiing a lot cos i didnt start off with proper naming . Saw Son of Mask movie . 



~ by dineshabe on January 25, 2007.

One Response to “Tough Day”

  1. hey i actually understand what u mean…. Esp bout the namin thingie… It gets really confusing if u dont use a fixed pattern.

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