Bad yr for sports

Writing this cos i didnt comment for the second ODI , Well this yr looks like a bad yr of sports for me . Till last yr had hope tat MichaelShumy will go off so Kimi will fly in Mclaren . I knew Lara will be retiring this yr . So wanted to shift to F1. Pblm is kimi moved to Ferrari . SO in a dialemma . So will be supporting Kimi and Mclaren (wierd huh ) . I will prove cricket ia a fix just go on reading

 Year   Place                  Won Bye         Status

2001   India                  WestIndies       4-3

2003   West Indies      India              2-1(Rain washed out 2 matches in jamaica)

2006   WestIndies       WestIndies   4-1

 2007   India                 India(0r)Draw   

So obvious it looks like fix for me . All of sudden ganguly will pop out of nowhere . And wat kinda pitches do they prepare . Tat was one useless pitch where we can plan rubber ball matches . Atleast they will bounce a bit . Waiting tendulkar to score dunnno y fixers are not him any chance . And Mr.Dinesh Karthick will have few ad’s . But shld really appreciate these fixers . They have a very nice script . Both matches got over in last few overs . Very good script . Ahah but they cant cheat people like me and dear ebby. They take tha match in such a way tat no one will move out of their seats even for AD’s . Two yrs ago pple started talking test cricket is boring . Look now even tat has become interestn . Hats off to ICC . Dont know whne they appointed story writers . Five yrs back scoreing 300+ was great . Now it looks so simple . And looking at te way wI bowled after 35th over even a kid can say its a fix . Time is 5:45 . Been in system from yeaserday evening 5. So bye ,


~ by dineshabe on January 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Bad yr for sports”

  1. 🙂

  2. As i said before .. All of cricket is a stage .. u can find excellent script writers . And story tellers
    and choreographers .
    World is not honest as we expect it to be .

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