Can it be any better?


           This day i wont forget in my life . It didnt start off well . HAd eye pain and another pblm . Got up at eleven and dressed up and went to pick up allan . We went to Loyola snd got some application for him . Ok ok i accept iy was allan who gave me those tickets . Then we went to stadium . My god so many people out there . Police checked me to core . They even told me to open my purse . They were checking my whole body . Allan had a bag so they  took some time to check it . Then metal detector . I beeped when i went in . It was my bike keys . Then again they checked me . When i came to the seats . My first word was WOWWWW !!!!!. The seating place was very steep and frigntening . Guess wat there was a wooden rod that supported my seat . Behing me there was no protection . I was in a three storey building . Chairs wre wooded . Very bad chairs . We had no place to sit also . Could not move my legs . There was absolutly no space . When we settled time was 1:00 pm . Match was at 2:30pm . Saw two teams practising . Yeah i did see lara . HE was batting close to us . Had glimpse of all cricketers of both sides . My place had best view . To  my left was te replay screen . And to my right was score board . The view was so nice . I could cover whole stadium . The ground was pretty small . The lawn was really cool . Its a very plesant sight . My first thought was tat every one shld come here atleast once . Could see lara winnin toss . People were shouting thought my ear bugs would tear . They did all craps . As usual WI bowled like school kids in beginning . I thought i was back to my old district matches . The ground looked small it was like our schol grounds . Then there was ups and downs (As per script) . All of sudden indian team got all out . There was couple of good catches . When WI came to bat they started in bad was as usual . When second wicket fell i was expectin lara . But samuels came in . So had to wait for next wicket to fall . Then came the maestro . I stood up and clapped (First time in match) Many stood up . He started slowly . Got nice view . Wow HIs style is simply superb .

                               The difference between all other bats men and lara is . All bats men punish bad balls . But lara punishes even good ones . I never wanted him to score hundred . Even if he bats for two balls i just wanted to see his style . He started scoring runs like any thing . One major dif b/w tendulkar and lara is . Lara biscets gaps so accuratly . Ten does not have this ability . Kumble was smacked to all corners so was tendulkar . Once there were two fielders in back . Lara scored consecutive boundaried in b/w them . Tats a sign of genius . Lara is immortal ten is a mere mortal . HE scored a cool 83 before getting out . He was not selfish like ten . I throughly enjoyed his style.



~ by dineshabe on January 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Can it be any better?”

  1. hey sachin is not selfish… atleast not as much as mr ganguly.

  2. Dinesh : hey dude seems like u enjoyed to te core….I got live scores frm allan everytime….Rele, Lara hav gone thro odd times in dis series…dint play 2nd one dayer …came back strongly in Chennai….WI deserved to win the match….

    Vini :Hey dont say Ganguly is selfish…May be he was lil out of form those time when everythin ended up against him…..

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