Dreams remembered ………….

This is other side of today .

                                                         For 12 long yrs i wanted to see lara bat . Every time WI comes to India he will get some injury . I still remember te day i saw his battign it was in india 1994, he scored 90+ runs , he walked out thought umpire didnt give him out . He didnt think tat he was in 92or some thing. Tat day onwards i have had him in my heart . Still remember his 277 at SCG 375 at antigua 501 in england . 153 WI 212,175,132 in SL 213 in WI 209in SA . Have seen hundreds and hundreds of his innings in tv . Have enjoyed every thing . HE has been a great influence in my life . Always dreamed of seeing him play . When i knew there is a mtch in chennai , had a small thought tat is shld try for a 400rs ticket atleast . But gave hope as there was huge rush . Suddenly allan asked me weather am interested . I got best seat with a cool view and over all lara batted to his best . One small thing i had in my heart is this is last time lara is batting in india , (fter this he will play in worldcup then he is retiring in ODI). I thanked god for he has fuilfilled my dream tat i had 12yrs back as an 8yr old . A dream i thought was impossible to happen in real life . Thanked god many times . Then thought was a great god we have . He remembered my dreams . I still remember me praying tat WI shld win against AUS in a test match . Lara scored 153* . I was in floor bowing down to lara it was on march 98 . God did remember my dream . I never prayed tat i shld see him bat . He played so well . I could see my hero bat after 12 yrs . Felt nice . Rememberd a poem i wrote long back attachin tat also . A very nice day . End of te day i said wthin myself GREAT IS THY FAITHFULLNESS . I dont want to bore my readers more than this .


What have I got in this world to be cherished?

To be remembered, to wonder about

What have I got to sit and dream?

All in vain all forgotten at sunset

My hearts desires thrashed and crumpled

With thoughts of cruelty in my mind

Trying to figure out his plans

Trying to understand his message

His thoughts, feelings and pain

Failing for eternity, like a flower blooming

His plans unfolds, Beautiful atlas

Not for me, but the calm assurance

The pride of being a child

One day will realize that every

Day should be cherished, wondered.

My fulfilled dreams remembered by him

Working day & night not me for my dreams

Waiting for the day when I will see

Him  just to thank him for all the things

Which I could cherishAnd  for giving  a meaning to my life



~ by dineshabe on January 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Dreams remembered ………….”

  1. time to update

  2. i no u’r dreams were shattered….. it’s ok… time to start updating your blog…

  3. hee hee….

  4. u off blogging??

  5. somebody said something…………………

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