A Long Break…

Am back after a long break . Was fully held up with project work . From twenty seven to 3rd was fully into my project . Then went home returned back to coll . There were so many bugs in the project . By gods grace the demo of my project alone was post poned to some other date . So i had time to fix many of them . On day of demo i wanted to check my project during lunch break . Suddenly it didnt work . I was shocked finally after one hour fixed the two bugs went to lab just in time for our demo . Then came next problem the windows password didnt work . Some how allan got it right . Them my system was not recognised by our college n/w . Cos its in different subnet . After solving all these problems then i showed the demo . HOD told me to do lots of stuff half way through it stopped working . I was shocked . Came to room and started checking all my code . Finally i found that i had entered my primary key as “ebby” all characters . But it should be mixture of characters and numbers . So my parser didnt recognise the  object . The next problem is yet to be solved i just need another day . I found out the reason for the next bug .  Then came report pblm . This is the  part where am a big zero . both of us worked day and night for that . We got six on ten for it . So will daily make changes . I went back home bunking one sat and mon . First time in four years . The mother board and processor of my old pc didnt work . Then we had this mind craft thing and was busy for next three days , I really didnt find time . Today gave every thing for binding . Did some shopping then zooomed back to hostel in town bus . We planned to go to ukkadam and get on the bus tats coming from karunya . When we were about to get on it the conductor told it wont go to karunya , We got pissed off as it is= 7:15 bus . We took bus to town hall and say tat bus standing ready to got to  karunya . We got irritated to core . Went in took the tickets and then asked the guy for his name . He started “asking wat can u do ?” then we started blasting him few other karunyans also helped us . From tat time , one particulaar guy(karunyan) was coooly calling tat conductor baldy  , I felt  bad at last . When we got out of bus tat conductor looked at us and told when u come to cbe i will see . Wanted to slap hime there itself . I noted the bus number so mostly will have to send letter to the authorities . But tat conductor  got nicely in bus from the other guy who  blasted the conductor . A very interesting day out . Was totally worn out . Tats it for the past one month . Will be regular from now on .


~ by dineshabe on February 24, 2007.

One Response to “A Long Break…”

  1. Hey i didn’t really do it ..
    no not me ..

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