dinesh Version8.0

    Hello there,

Trying to change myself in this semester . Have identified al the key areas where i shld change and am changing every day  . Starting from me spennding 5,000 in three weeks . Trying all things that i didnt for three and half years . Not gonna be tat sick dweeb any more .  Gotta be different . Tday i got to know my II review marks got 99 . i got 10 fr my report also . Worked very hard for both of em . Helped out imman sir in evaluating the reports today . Had two quizes wont get more than 3 in both . Still waiting for the right time to write tat special post . Wanted to post today dunooo weather will get tat right  emotions. bye


~ by dineshabe on February 26, 2007.

7 Responses to “dinesh Version8.0”

  1. change the theme .

  2. i told u the other day..it totally sucks!!!!

  3. I think its nice. u could change the header.

  4. “special post” eh??

  5. k guys happy now eh

  6. k… now its nice….but i think vini has got the same….

  7. i changed first!

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