Here Comes Another Internals

                              They have been torturing every karunyans life for a long time . They come suddenly just when u wanted to relax . This time its not tat torturing . Cos we have only two papers . I did j2me pretty well . Gotta study for the next one . One major thing i changed in my life is when ever i get pisses off with some or some thing usually i wont sleep and will be doing some crap . But in Dinesh8.0 all those modules that crashed the systems were modified so that the system can withstand any unexpected behaviours from the user . Understood there is only one person who really be with us till end and always . When ever we need he is the only one who can support us . Of all the kinds of love i have seen in this world there is nothing like god’s love . To me tats the only true love . Many time i will feel like walking in tat sadivayal road alone  . Tat time i would start praying or rather talking (wont close my eyes). During those walks i learnt so much about this world . Whome ever i meet i will tell just this . “THERE IS NO TRUE LOVE IN THIS WORLD”. Y am telling this is because , as far as i have seen all the love that i have  seen in this world are expectant love (“YOU LOVE ME I WILL ALSO LOVE YOU”) . Tats it for the day . Bloggin from the Project Lab . Dunoo y this crap twice a week . No use . Byeeeeeee


~ by dineshabe on March 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Here Comes Another Internals”

  1. nice thought
    put some pics no… in ur flickr.

  2. so so so tell wat else .. update

  3. Gods love stays forever… I agree with it…

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