All world’s a stage…….


            Times are not good for me . As soon as we started plannin for the tour every thing started again . We decided to go to veegaland . But many met me personally and told they were forced to tell veegaland. Suddenly one day i went to their site and came to know tat they have increased the price by hundred bucks. So after that we had to change the plans . Next day i was searching for staff and i went late to my class . I was standing out so tat i can get in tha next hour . Tat time i heard some pple frm other class talking crap . And they were telling alll yuk things .I got irritated . In tat i could here some of my good friends also talking crap . I went and told them watever they neeed to tell they shld tell openly on my face . I have always had my temper under control . But yesterday i did lose my temper for a minute . Then as usual our “BELOVED” VC changed the rule . So no money will be given for the picnic .SO our tour was called off by ****** . Am planning to go to konoor with all my mallu friends . for past two years i have been supporting few pple and ignoring few . From yesterday i changed my whole opinion on them . Will continue in my next blog..

(Read this poem in net nice site

Wrongfully Convicted

 Some people are wrongfully convicted.
Putting in Appeals, hoping the charges will be lifted.
A prison cell, now their new home.
Entrapped, inside razor barb fences.
With no more freedom to roam.
A lot of precious years, will be lost.
At somebody else’s cost.
Taking everything day by day.
The only thing left to do is hope and pray.
Maybe some day, the real criminal will meet their fate.
Wrongfully convicted, and having a lot of hate.
Pushed through the system, so they can close the case.
Not able to accept what has happened.
Sooner or later, it will have to be faced.
Innocent as hell, we shouldn’t be here.
Living a life of constant fear.
Maybe, they’ll realize they made a mistake.
Hopefully some day, when I awake.
I will hear I’m a free man.
And a journey home, I’ll take.


~ by dineshabe on March 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “All world’s a stage…….”

  1. “And a journey home, I’ll take.”
    how ? when ?

  2. wen going.?

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