Brought my system to my room and airtel guys gave internet connection in one day . Trying to download usin torrents . Today when i woke up i knew its not gonna be a good day . My bike read 6666 in te kilometer reading . Got hit by a lorry . Escaped narrowly by gods grace escaped with slight bruises . Class was boring . got a new bike HONDA UNICORN . Every thing has changed so much in the past two months . Have got many new stuff . Got my first allowance yesterday . Gottta party tomorrow . Life is so wierd .


~ by dineshabe on July 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “I LUV AIRTEL”

  1. congrats for te marks….dude drive safely…tc

  2. Funny i had a incident of rash driving too . :-/ mm .

  3. dats bcoz u drive like a mad guy closing ur eyes

  4. dinesh dat comment was for ebby…

  5. Nope , i am being acted on by , alien forces that make me twist and turn like that .

    Honestly No not me . 😐

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