I was transferred to cochin .  😦 Its some project for japnese clients . ITs in DTV technology . Work is gonna be hectic . Lots to study . GOtta look for a house . Got my cubical and my pc. Enjoyin so far, My work will be in C in Linux and its gonna be device drivers programming . My cubical is next to the lab . Thats where they test their s/w . SO i get to see lots of japanese programs . Been watchin  cooking programs and some cartoons for past two days .  Food is kinda ok here . Waiting for my bike to arrive here safely . I hav been assigned a mentor . He asked me to study somestuff . Got another book to complete . Waitin fr my next pay . Gotta take a new number also . Today they are into some serious testing i think . Cos there is no programs in tv today just one red screen . The tvs are cool here, they are mostly toshiba . the chocolate drink and badam milk are just great . Met george accidentaly twice . This office is very quiet some times i think tat the only sound in this place is from my keyboard . Its so quiet here . The day we came here there was lots of partying going n here . We got intoduced to our managers . Tats when i forgot my RLL project topic .  They started to laugh at me .   😦   My mentor is cool . HE is approachable and very understanding . I hated this place on the first day . But now its ok . Chinnu was also transferred here . Eve went to chennai , Vini will go to hyde and angel in blore . Whoow all different corners . I wil be put into a custome product project first then will be taken  into the IP projects . Waiting fr tst day . Its gonna take some years . Will be blogging regularly from now . Life is very fast . This year is almost over . This years new year function is stil in ma eyes . The year that has changed every thing . Most unpredictable year .    🙂  Got 87 in totla training and passed in the C exam they kept . they hav hiked ma pay . No big diff they will tax and take everything back . i am happy i gotsome project like this . Only pblm is tat i cant got to US  will be sent only to japan .  😦 



~ by dineshabe on September 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Transferred….”

  1. askcbdasb sdkfjsfl sd,bnl sd,n snd,m

    thats japanese! learnt it ok 🙂

  2. chin chunk choi .

  3. Hello Big boy….how are yu then?how is cochin and chinnu?.convey my regrads to her…pls change the background of this….atlast i cldnt see u even for a day here in blore.hope to see u in Japan atleast…..dai dont forget…see u

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