Not been working really hard for the past two weeks . We moved to a new building so need more time to set up all the systems . Am plannin to stay back one weekend and spend some time with the box ,. Wanna practise all API’s . My manager approved my leave . So will be getting a big vacation .  🙂    Wanna see a new year hav  to start many thing fresh .  🙂

2007 has not been the best year in my life . though i have some moments in my company that i would cherish but there are some other things which i wanna forget .  Time is a fast healer . Well this in ma new poem . Am gonna cal this as

    Troubles Psychiques

Waited long for the day to come
little did i know wat all would change
Time has  gone in its own way
leaving scars all over my way
Now i know wat to desire
now i know what i need
Time will heal all the wounds
but time can never change the truth
Sought for justice for some time
wats the use said my mind .
Lessons learnt from my past
which i will learn one more time.
What seemed impossible came my way
but i had the strength to stay in my way
The strength i have is not from me
he stays up there supporting me
Many times have this question in my mind
whome to blame for all this
knowing that it was me
Didnt take long for me to realise
its all part of a big process
Things i held close to me
are those that are taken away from me
Why all this my mind will ask
then will follow a great silence
Precious lession that i learnt
that which none can teach
Thought of deception will creep my mind
which will leave me bruised and tired
Now i am used to all this
a thought of freedom overcomes everything
The time has come for me to run
but will face them all standing in front .

bye .


~ by dineshabe on December 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “hello”

  1. Time is not necessarily the “best” healer. “He” is a better healer. Through my experience at least. 🙂

  2. oh ho

  3. what is that supposed to mean..dindin??

  4. me listening to wt ur tellng

  5. we!

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