On a hot summer day in savannah

Here is ma poem ,

on a hot summer day they came there
all the way from their home
one was happy and content and
another puzzled and without expectations
on the tall grass of savanaah they stood
not knowing each other .
the wind that brought them there
would bring them closer someday
they waited for their day to come
To be part of some one else
and to be a new life .

When the breeze took them they
were happy alas it dropped them
down the very next day .
They came together slowly day by day
then came a day they were unseperable .

Still no roots and hope of life
The wind blew again and they
fell for it .Hope of life bloomed
in their life . One waited long
to get through the challenges
Another waited till end to break through.

Both had dreams that looked alike
one was happy and content now
another still searching for a
place to sprout .
It was never easy for them to
survive .Everyday was a challenge to them
When sencod got a place to sprout
the first one was strugging in its growth

When both were ready to leave
one was still yet to grow .
When the wind that brought them together came
they withstood for a while
when it took them far away
life looked tough again

When the roots came they were happy
the breeze would carry the smell of them
they would be happy at the smell of it
they had leaves so different yet they
never thought it was .

now one was happy and content
another waiting for the lands
here they are in the savannah lands
hoping that a brezze would come
and bring them back to gether again .



~ by dineshabe on December 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “On a hot summer day in savannah”

  1. and drying their tears on savannah leaves ,
    they’d come to know , savannah was never their land
    for that lied in wait , beyond the winds of change
    where they’ll live their dreams, in everlasting lands

    Cheeup (we rule)

  2. “another waiting for the lands”

    did u understand this above line ??

    the waited lands fell into hands of others
    ripped apart till it could bear no more
    the lil pollen thought oh oh wat did i do.
    spent my days in circle so small .
    waited too long for me to say . land oh land here i come .


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