Ebby :P

Hello ,

Just now saw ebby’s  commets to my savannah poem .

he wrote

and drying their tears on savannah leaves ,
they’d come to know , savannah was never their land
for that lied in wait , beyond the winds of change
where they’ll live their dreams, in everlasting lands

k i get it ebby boy . I wanna tease you now Mr.Ebby  ( or educate u or make u understand)Remember i wrote abt one pollen waiting for its lands right .

The pollen is u .

After reading the below lines u will find who te land is .

the waited lands fell into hands of others
ripped apart till it could bear no more
the lil pollen thought oh oh wat did i do.
spent my days in circle so small .
waited too long for me to say . land oh land here i come .

so pollen pollen raise up today

go to land where you may grow

winden your circle and see the wide world

pollen pollen STOP CODING!!!!  (and call ur friends)

Ps.Ur friends r not ur lands !!!! its some thiing else


~ by dineshabe on December 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ebby :P”

  1. who de f is that ?

  2. by de way its an awesome poem .

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