Hi ,

Its friday evening and am the only one in the office . I like these moments . being lonely with your computer . No disturbances .

It goes and goes for ever it goes

We will never learn its course

I tried hard to read ways

Failed as i went with it

Tried so hard to change its course

Returned defeated every day

Who can master life in this world

Show a man who has it in his hands !

Will try again to change my life

The fall is slow and pain is great

i Think giving up is the only way

Days of victories never to be seen

Been a failure all my life

Plead to let me go away

But i am never far away

Living with hope that i will win

Well got uninspired after writing this . Boring here . Today i heard a voice kinda thing and i learnt a great lesson . it said

” Pleasure is what you wanted for yourself ”

Means . If i think i will be happy if i have a car . I will be happy if i have a car . The point is  humanly pleasure is so very funny and silly. emmmm can put em in words .We get so happy for even the smallest of things we get and we fail to identify those which we have .

So its our mind that defines what is good (With respect to what we get) and what is bad .

I believe if we all undestand the above statememt we can master our life . If we correct our expectation level we can live a life full joy and content (i dont mean laziness).

I sincerely believe that every hard feelings that we have is due to our over expectation of some one or something.

As i always say there is no true love in this world .

which implies  no one can be trusted 100%

we cant expect on someone to deliver on something always

no one can understand u 100%

So basically we are all living a life with no one really helping,trusting,understanding us .

So pt 1.No body loves you 100%

2.So dont expect too much .

This will help us to forgive ppl who let us down at critical points of our lives .

It helped me .



~ by dineshabe on December 14, 2007.

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