hi ,

Ebby !! and others  this is urgent . Tried mailing you da but could not open my mail for some wierd reason.
i Wrote a poem on “WORLD FULL OF OPPURTUANTIES” . Please read it carefully an suggest changes and
serious comments .

The clouds gave way for the sun to shine
the birds in the trees started flying out
The smell of its prey made them all rise up.
they went outside with all it had
When they see its prey alone they
they pounce together and share the honour.

Blamed by many and blessed by few
never did they want to see them high
Lessons never learnt makes the difference
but claim that they had some thing else.
Happy and content with their lives they
will regret one fine night .
They call themselves blind and so
they never see unlocked doors.

People marvel at things and say
“The most beautiful and greatest thing evey”
But the world has never seen the best of all
Still there is time and place for us
To show the world the better things
Ever changing world with full of challenges
Will make us all spur something new .
Door waiting to be opened by us all
Has in store all that we asked .
Success has its roots in it
and our world is full of it .

MEaning :-

Am talking of a olf pack da . They r generally lazy after a rain.
But when they see theit prey(ooputunity) alone they attac as a pack

II Stanza

Many tell that they never get oppurtunity
They never want to be some one big(or they have low expectations of life)
They never learn lesson(to use all oppurtunity) and they tell tha succesful ppl have some thing extra

they dont want too see any oppurtunatie so they will never see one
they see only closed doors and never try to open one


When ppl see a great creatin they tell greatest thing ever made .
nut man always creates a better thing (means wat ever be the great program or thing we have
we can do a better job)
Main root for sucess is getting an oppurtunaty s our world is full of it

k comment fast i dont care even if its not good just send ur comments …..


~ by dineshabe on December 15, 2007.


  1. mm i’ll tell it tommorrow . The doom day awaits .

  2. wats there tomorrow ?? doom day ???

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