6 Reasons Y i hate Bill Gates

Hello ,

Like  many in the world the first operating system which i used was an MS WINDOWS 1998.Then later on i used WINDOWS XP . Though all of that which i used were pirated versions . When i got my first pc it came with a windows installation . I never knew of a GNU/Linux . I thought there was no operating system other than Microsoft . After sometime i got linux installed in my system it was in the year 2002 when i first worked in linux . It never did make any difference to me those days . When i started programming i faced lots of problem in my windows system . Lots of crashes and lots of inconsistency . I happen to read about the open source and its core philosophy . The very moment i knew that this was the future . After that i came to the point of associating every one whome i dont like with founder of MS .

Reasons being :

1)No freedom !

2)Forcing people to use inferior version of s/w

3) Poor support

4)High cost


Only good thing about MS is that the marketing it does is really good . Many say that for a layman windows is the best OS . Point is though it is little difficult to start but in the longer run every person from a layman to a programmer will realize the advantages of open source . It is so obvious that ONLY an open source product will be more reliable , stable . I believe open source is the concept which existed before all this copy right thing started . If there had been no open source we would not have had anything in this world . Even MS would not have existed if there had not been an open source concept . Because i believe in early days people got to know about OS only because it was not copyrighted . So the founder of MS who himself would have obviously been benefited from open source is the main threat to open source . A day will come when MS and all copy right laws will be out of this earth but open source will last forever . Because it is a philosophy in hearts of people and no company or government can ever take it away from us . Open source improves competition and quality of a product .

I am waiting for a day where in people will concentrate more on the quality and improvement of a s/w rather than the money !!!

I am waiting for a day where in people will think beyond their current needs .

I wrote this blog after an argument with another one of my colleagues .  Next to Christianity the philosophy which i will never forget or leave !



~ by dineshabe on February 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “6 Reasons Y i hate Bill Gates”

  1. i hate bill gates he is so gay i should share his money in stead of being rich he is so sad ther is lots of pople out ther that need mony

  2. if iyt wasn’t for bill gates the this WEBSITE would NOT EXIST!!! HAHA 😛

  3. if it wasn’t for bill gates the this WEBSITE would NOT EXIST!!! HAHA 😛

  4. y ???

  5. Stupid Bill Gates

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