I will miss Lara

Hi ,

This post is going to be extremley long . Only for cricket lovers.

on friday was just browsing at the cricinfo site and my eyes fell upon many of lara’s photos then i remembered all the good old times . It was in the year 1992 . That is the first match i ever remember seeing i was 6 yrs old . It was the world cup and kapil dev was bowling . It was a saturday afternoon ,  and i was having mutton cutlet,rice&rasam . In two years like many indians i also started playing cricket . It was thensome one outta no where broke the test record . Then westindies toured india . My bro was mad about this guy so was the whole world . he broke 2 world records and was scoring like any thing . Then came 1996 world cup . the south africans was scoring like any thing . they didnt lose even a single match . but windies lost to india and KENYA !!! . Then when the quarterfinals came lara played one classy innings . he scored 111 and windies won . in semis he scored a brilliant 45 . i came from my tution early tat day .still remember chanderpaul and lara batting , he got out to a suoperb ball from steve waugh . then his career was fulkl of dark spots . in 98 i saw one great series . aus toured windies . I remember the first match me n my bro switched off the tv after lara got out they were all out for 51 . The very next match lara came with a 213 i coudn see it . the next match was the match i would never forget . windies needed 308  and everyone went out but lara played till the end . then next day i had english paper 2 annual exam ,. but still i watched till the end the time was 1:57 am when he played a brilliant cover drive fron fleming . i can still give a reviiew of that match , then there were centuries here n there . till 2001 he was silent .when windies toured SL he tortured th SLkans like anything with 688 runs in 3 tests . thrashed many recods and critics . then he played a great innings at 2003 wc . he gt his 400 and lots of other centuries .

I miss those days when we start watching tv 8 in the night and sleep at 5 in the morning , Wont sleep if lara is in the crease . Those prayers i prayed when he is on the crease . The arguments i had in school , college . Those were simply great times . The class he displayed . I always found tendulkar an ordinary batsmen . But in lara i found a talent , a genius . The cover drives , pulls , cuts , hooks , sweeps and all the glances he played on the field i will miss. The times of tension when he is on the crease i will miss . Even if lara says that he is not a great batsman he will always remain as the best batsman in my hearts . It  was only in 2007 i got to see him bat . but will meet him some day and say that i was still hoping that he would bat well when the whole world rose against him . I  will miss the smell of the morning breeze and the genius all my life .


below is a short story of his career




this post took me 1.5 hrs 🙂

anything for brian !!



~ by dineshabe on February 16, 2008.

10 Responses to “I will miss Lara”

  1. I am a cricket lover dinny.. but this is too much…..

  2. when did u first see a match ??
    how many TEST series have u followed ??

  3. go man.. u n ur lara..

  4. ha !!! answer my question !!!

  5. I have been watching cricket since i was 5. I have seen and followed about 41 test matches and about 208 one dayers. I still think its too much.

    One word for u dinny—– blah!

    ps: figures quoted might not be accurate 😛

  6. as she said this is full of blah blah..
    one question dinesh..am a great fan of lara..u too kno tat.but in tendulkar, did u find an ordinary batsman..is it so..no one will believ tat..ok…

  7. dai samiyare sathu da

  8. dai u made all funny things and finally asking me to shut…

  9. sachin is the best!!!
    no questions about it!

  10. I do agreee with her….Dinesh, you are alone…. hehhe lol 🙂

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