Where r we all going ???

Hi ,

Long time since i blogged . Life has been going fine for now . Got a tv in my room . Life is turing
out to be boring for the past few days . Nothing interesting happening . It has started to rain in cochin .
Think the monsoons have come . Its all windy , cloudy and at times very humid . Been watching lots of movies
lately . Felt like playing computer games but when i started i got bored of eem too . Dunno what exactly i need 😦
Will be going to ooty next week and we are going to munnar from my company 🙂 . Life has been plain or so predictable
these days so nothing much to tell . Am seriously gonna follow a stirct slimming schedule for a month n a half 🙂 .

The wind took it to far places it tried
to stick on to everything it came across.
The harder it tried to hold onto something
the painful it was to depart .
Not knowing where it is taken to
Did it have control over any thing ?
The question which ringed in mind .
Is it all for my own good ?
or is it false hope for all generations ?
At times it was the past which looked greener !
Is there a place to be forever ?
or is everything gonna pass away in time .
Will time make it say “im ready”
when he comes to take it away again .
Another question that rings in its mind
if this is not it why did$ i ever
come her ? y did i like it ?
y did i ever come across it ?
and y cant i have things my own way ?
Will never be answered all its life !!

This is abt the same pollen but in a different prespective  🙂


~ by dineshabe on March 15, 2008.

One Response to “Where r we all going ???”

  1. you and your pollen ..!

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