Key Differences

Hi all ,

Today was just another day in office . I felt like writing some of the key differences between this world & the world after death .

1) Here all of u judge & dont want to be judged .

There is only one judge there & he was judged before us.

2)Wat ever be the judgement it will always look unfair here .

His judgement will be perfect .

So basically all the lil lil judgements that people pass on us in this world are  nothing but  of very lil value .

I personally feel how ever big be a situation for any one , it wont mean a thing after sometime .

Maybe someone has just failed in an exam . Which basically is a judgement from the question setter, valuator,educational system . Its all gonna pass after sometime .

🙂 😀

So next time when U feel  depressed cos u didnt get somethin or u flunked in somethin . Ask this question to yourself . Who r U to judge me ?

Cos nobody in this world is a good judge !!

bye 🙂


~ by dineshabe on April 9, 2008.

One Response to “Key Differences”

  1. and where did i “curse” any one in above post ??

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