Workin for Peanuts ??

Hey ,

For sometime i felt very proud . Cos i thought i am gonna earn lots of money . And i would have enough cash to buy 8 grams of gold every month after my expenses .But funny it may sound i have been pushed to nil bank balance almost every month . Its so true what is written in bible something like ‘he who had little had no lack & he who had more had nothing left’ . I dunno who made this kinda salary stack structure ! They invest all our pay on pf , shares & we get so lil . And i am throughly confused on where that money is going when we get it as a bulk once in a while .

My Budget

HR 2000

UD 2200

Bike 1000

Phone 800

Internet + TV 900

Treats 1000

Total 7700

after this the food expenses will be another 4000

so 11700 😦

And am wondering where the rest of the money went ???

Didnt give even a penny to my parents so far .

to be cont ……



~ by dineshabe on April 9, 2008.

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