What was Jinna thinking ?

This is going to irritate lot of people 🙂 but the intention of this post is not to make fun of a person it is for us to learn from our mistakes. Long back, when British could not manage their colonies they decided to give independence to them. India was one such colony. But this india is not the india we know now. The british india comprised of modern day india , pakistan and bangladesh.

Once people knew that we will get “freedom” from british administration , many people started asking for separate countries. From Jinna to Periyar. Everyone had their own “reason” for their request. Jinna wanted a country for muslims. I find that unbelievable for 2 reasons.

A) Was he expecting all muslims from all over the country to migrate to a particular place ? Was he expecting people who were already living there to accept these new migrants ?

B) We will talk more on this.

As of today Population of India is 1.2 Billion , Population of Pakistan is 174 Million and Population of Bangladesh is 160 Million.

If we add up all the population it comes to 1354 Million or 1.354 Billion. Now the demographics 🙂

Total number of hindus in all 3 countries = 838 Million

Total number of muslims in all 3 countries = 457 Million.

Total number of people following other religions in all 3 countries =  62 Milion

Total = 1.357 which is close to the total (approximation errors )

Hindus % = 61.75

Muslims % = 33.67

Others  %= 4.5

The so called “minorities” are 38% of the population 🙂 . All the muslims would have benefitted if we stayed with one india policy. But  we split british india to 3 countries 🙂 Now the current scenario Bangladesh with 148 Million muslims is forced to be an ally of india and 138 Million indian muslims live in india as minorities. It is only the 173 million muslims in pakistan who really got benefited from the partition. If they had stuck to one india policy, muslims would have had waaaay more power and say, in the countries politics 🙂 and asia would have been a much safer and pleaceful place for every one.

I am not going to say that Jinna was an idiot 🙂 but we need to understand that the partition was a mistake and considering point A) was Jinna even fighting for muslims or was he only concerned about muslims in the sindhi/punjab belt. I think, just like old times, religion was used during the partition of india, by few who wanted to have power. If i was a muslim living in india or bangladesh i will feel betrayed by wat happend.

Seriously !! What was Jinna thinking ? I guess we will never know.


~ by dineshabe on April 12, 2011.

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