DMK !!!

I am a staunch supporter of DMK, yes, you heard me right 🙂 And why am i a supported of DMK ?

The biggest topic in TN politics is corruption 🙂 let me make this clear. The last, least corrupt rule in TN, was when kamaraj was in power. All other govt after that have been corrupt. Who can forget the corruption that happend in 1991-1996 and 2001-2006 ADMK rule ? Or 1996-2001 and 2006-2011 DMK rule ? So lets take the corruption coin out of the equation 🙂 If you want to bring down a corrupt government, we should do so by electing a corruption free government not by electing a party that was corrupt in its past.

What do we have next ? Party ideology. These are things that matter the most to me as a staunch supporter of DK.

1)All men should be treated the same by birth. No one should be allowed to do something because he was born of “high caste”.

2)All people from all religious background should be FREE to practise their religion. Government should NEVER be influenced by religion.

3) Government do all that it can for the dev of the province and should not be held back by superstitions.

4) Government should have a clear policy on issues for which people want an answer.

All these are pretty reasonable things 🙂 I will explain how DMK scores higher than ADMK in all these  🙂

1)All Caste Become Priest Act – 2006 was passed by DMK 🙂 the name itself explains what it is all about. But who opposed such a law, that will empower all people 🙂 yes you are right 🙂 ADMK. Subramaniya swamy an ally of ADMK went to supreme court and got a Stay order on the law 🙂

2)ADMK passes anti conversion law and passes a law to give pension to hindu priests 🙂 (i say give pension to no one. and educate people so that they wont fall for stupid tricks of ppl. we need money to educate people not to give pension to priests of any religion.)

3)ADMK goes against Sethu project which will benefit whole of south india 🙂 Jaya went to the extent of arresting Vaiko who was lobbying fot the project under POTA act after a visit by the sri lankan president 🙂

4)ADMK had a very unclear stance on issues like LTTE – Sri Lankan problem. The party took a stance but all its allies and internal people openly contradicted the party stance. It looked as if the party realized that their actual stance is not a popular one. So they tried to play double games 🙂

In short ADMK is not only corrupt but is also against everything that early DK party stood for. I am no supporter of DMK but i would rather have a party that is true to its founding principles than a party which is equally corrupt but completely against its founding principles.

PS:MGR is not from TN 🙂


~ by dineshabe on May 13, 2011.

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