Is this wrong ?

This is probably going to be the most controversial post. The biggest news last week was Obama’s announcement on gay marriage. It reminded me of the question that i have long had, they called it a “right”. I personally dont have problem in living with a person of any sexual orientation. Hell i dont even care about sexual orientation of others except for my own. So i am defn not homophobic person. I know that i am heterosexual person and i have never felt threatened because of homosexuals around me. But here is my problem, let us ignore all the “religious” text from this, i dont see why the society dosent accept a man/women who wants to marry multiple partners ? Or a man/women who wants to marry/have relationship with a person who is under the “age of consent” .

I dont understand why they are wrong but not gay marriage. I am not saying we should ban gay marriages, but i fail to understand why a guy cannot marry a dog. Sometimes i feel that religions dont control what is good and bad in some cases. Maybe it is depends on how open the people in the society are. I have long asked many of my christian friends on why we cannot marry more that one wife, i have not seen one bible verse that points to this, i never get an answer to this. So society X adopts religion Y but absorbs only the “laws” that are compatible to itself. I found out that even Martin Luter said that he cant condem a man for polygamy as it is not outlawed in bible.

Did our forefathers come up with moral values and used religions to enforce these values on us ? And are we part of a cycle where the original moral message gets lost and a new civilization will enter after our destruction ? Sometimes i feel that moral values are unfair to some people, like how gays were treated badly because some religions people thought that it was against their religions, we are doing the same to people who want to be involved in polygamy or polyandry .

I saw few people comment that religious people should keep their values to themselves, but by telling a person not to marry more than one wife how different are these people ? I thought that human society was always based on set of laws and that has helped us become the dominating species in this planet. There has always been an rule giver , a judge and a subjects and our modern societies are not that different. I dont feel it is fair to draw a line anywhere at this moment, but if we dont then we will end up becoming a cannibalistic society. Rights exist in a society where there is true fairness, so if it is not fair to stop men from marrying multiple women then there is no such thing as rights. That shows we have to maintain this authoritative moral laws and law givers to survive as a society without any questions.

Unfair it might sound but life dosent owe us anything and it has no reason to be fair to us. We live in a society where a section determines what is right and wrong, is it fair, no it isnt. But what are you going to do about that ?


~ by dineshabe on May 14, 2012.

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