Irritating Tests

hey ,

         Got my pc set properly . Went home fr diwali . Dad got transferred to sivakasi itself . so met many of my friends . One of my class mate got engaged . Will get internet in my room today . Had to take up so many crap tests today in company . Finally finished all of em . Project is kinda interesting now v r told to read through some code and learn a new set of API’s . They have started giving me small stuff to do . got a long week ahead .

bye .


~ by dineshabe on November 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Irritating Tests”

  1. hi…..can u please edit the encryption server program for my requiremnts……my requirement is the same without using sockets…..please … RLL project is the same….but they have not mentioned the word sockets in the statement of work….so i need the same program without sockets

  2. heya . can u send me ur exact requirements , Mine was to use FIFO’s . I dont think they have to mention sockets . Any ways do mail me your full requirements to my id .

  3. how ever i would suggest you not to copy every thing as i had assumed many things . my process handling and file system handling will be nice . please do meil be for any bugs .

  4. i have sent u my statement of work thru mail…thank u…..bye

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